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PayFit simplifies payroll management and HR processes for SMBs. Its teams have built an automated SaaS solution to help business owners and HR professionals save time and money so they can focus on what really matters: employees.

Since 2015, they have set themselves a mission: support the digital transformation of HR management through their range of product features and services. They have a strong presence in France and have been quickly growing in Germany, Spain, the UK and Italy. With 5,000 customers in 5 countries, they are one of the fastest-growing SaaS companies in Europe.

Job Description

Who are we? 🚀

PayFit is one of the fastest-growing SaaS startups in Europe with 600 employees and over 5,000 customers in just a few years, in France, Germany, the UK, Spain, and Italy. Backed by a group of highly reputable institutional investors, PayFit is revolutionizing HR software by automating payroll and simplifying HR management for SMEs.
Our mission is to support the digital transformation of SME's Human Resources through a reliable SaaS solution that offers a unique experience to its users. We leverage our own coding language to customize our software quickly to each market, so that our customers can easily process payslips, request holidays, and manage their expenses.
We're passionate and enthusiastic about our mission and committed to maintaining a culture that cares deeply about its employees and customers.

Your role : Level up the engineering teams effectiveness💡

The Engineering team counts more than 70 people in Paris and Barcelona and we are still growing. Divided into different tribes to better address our diverse technical and product challenges, all the teams need the best tools, processes, and best practices as well as a clear communication.

The Developer Experience team, is part of our Expert Tribe, and is here to improve the engineer's daily life.
As engineers they need to focus on core algorithms, API developments, User Interfaces ; they don't want to wait too long their CI, they want to have the best infrastructure environments locally and for testing, they want to have a clear ownership and practices over all teams.

The DevExp teams is managing different tools to help engineers stay in the Flow. We created a complete on-demand testing ecosystem with NodeJS and the GitOps pattern, we are working on the Stack used by developers to create new features and we deployed a Developer Portal based on backstage.io from Spotify. There are many projects we could work on in the future to always improve developers daily life.

Your missions ⭐

• Develop, maintain and improve our internal tools (Stack, testing on-demand environments, CLI, framework and more).
• Understand the Engineering Team needs and challenges.
• Communicate through all the teams and evangelize best practices as well as help implement it.
• Think, design and implement technical solutions to improve the developer experience.
• Design and implement simple and efficient tools for our different teams with NodeJS or any other platform.
• Make the engineer's efficiency your first priority

Preferred Experience

This job has been tailored for you if... 🦄

• You want to expand your knowledge, be challenged every day working on unique projects.
• You want to work with a passionate team dedicated to PayFit engineers
• You have a good vision on both front-end and back-end challenges with JavaScript and TypeScript.
• You know that as engineer the focus on your code is what you're looking for
• You always try to improve your workflows with simple open-source or homemade tools
• You want to work on DevOps challenges (Kubernetes, Helm, CircleCI) as well as NodeJS API and homemade C.L.I
• You spread the words about inner-source and open-source practices across the organization
• You have strong knowledge and experience in JavaScript and TypeScript

We are meant to work together if... 👪

• You are a real team player who want to build a big success story with us
• Your dynamism and motivation help you take strong decision in a fast paced environment
• You speak both french and english
• You want to learn, improve and gain responsibility.

What we offer ❤️

• an amazing working environment, designed for kindness and blossoming,
• an attractive remuneration package,
• an international and dynamic team with the opportunity to visit our different offices (Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, London),
• remote friendly policy,
• a gym inside the office and Gymlib subscription with preferential rate,
• regular team and global events,
• restaurant tickets,
• 4 weeks of paternity leave (fully covered) and 20 weeks of maternity leave (fully covered),
• Henner insurance (60% covered by PayFit),
• great coffee, fruits, snacks, foosball, MPG Teams or even team yoga classes,
• MacBooks are our standard, but we'll provide whatever equipment you need to help you get your job done!

Recruitment Process

Hiring process ⚙️

1️⃣ Applicant initial validation: added value, key achievements, motivations, job match
2️⃣ Phone interview with Antoine, Talent Manager and with Arthur, Engineering manager
3️⃣ Visio meetings :
• Live coding with a Software Engineer from the team
• Interview meeting with Arthur, Engineering Manager
• Interview meeting with Amal, Engineering Director

Want to know more about our epic team? 👀

🔗 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0uqNUw2JIk
We are looking for passionate and innovative people who want to build the next big success story with us! Do you describe yourself with these words? Do you want to join an incredible adventure?
Tell us who you are, what you’ve done and what you want to do. We’ll be more than happy to meet you :)

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Full-Time
  • Location: Paris, France (75017)
  • Possible full remote