Global Head of Growth

PayFit is hiring!


Who we are 🚀

PayFit simplifies payroll management and HR processes for SMBs. We have built a fast, intuitive and automated SaaS solution to help business owners and HR professionals save time and allow them to refocus and what really matters: their employees. Through PayFit, employees have a dedicated access for their payslips and are able to manage efficiently their leave and expense requests. To build such a solution, we have created our own programming language, JetLang, that enable us to scale operations very quickly.

We have set ourselves a mission to support the digital transformation of HR management through our ever growing range of product features and services. We have a strong presence in France since 2015 and have been quickly growing in Germany, Spain and the UK. More than 3,500 companies such as Big Mamma, MinuteBuzz or Sellsy already trust us. Over 350 PayFiters have already joined the adventure and we have raised 95M€ to keep growing.
The Global Marketing team is on a mission to scale and automate current lead generation streams… and to invent new ones.

Job Description

What you will do 💪

You will oversee the entire customer acquisition pipeline and watch how all the pieces in the customer acquisition funnel are working together toward the overall goal of growing Payfit. As a result, you will make strategic adjustments to sales, marketing, and retention strategies.
Good news is, you are not alone.
You will work very closely with all Marketing teams (Brand & Design, Product Marketing, Growth Engineering, International Coordination), the Head of Sales and Country Managers of 🇫🇷, 🇩🇪, 🇪🇸, 🇬🇧 - and soon 🇮🇹, and build strong relationships with our external partners (Media platforms, creative agencies, experts).

Preferred Experience

This job has been tailored for you if you have... 🦄

If data is the fuel of growth, then analytics is its engine.
You master numerical reasoning, understand how to design effective acquisition campaigns and experiments.
The Head of Growth also needs to be fluent in the full spectrum of acquisition channels at her/his disposal - both inbound (paid media, SEO), outbound (outreach campaigns) and indirect (rich content).

  • 5+ years exp. min. in high-level performance marketing
  • Strong skills in:
    • inbound content strategies (budget > 5M€)
    • paid media (social, SEA) - offline (TV, OOH) being a bonus
  • Emailing tactics and database enrichment
  • Previous hands-on experience on paid media tactics and analytics
  • Outstanding ability to build your strategies based on data
  • Skills to frame the SEO strategy and build a global SEO team in 6 months

The technologies & platforms we use in the Growth & Performance team

  • Media platforms: Google Search Ads, Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads, Bing
  • Analytics: Segment, Google Analytics, Realytics
  • CRM: Hubspot
  • Emailing:, Sendgrid

We are meant to work together if... 👪

  • you are a team player who want to build a big success story with us
  • you speak both French and English fluently and you want to turn a French rocket into and international vessel
  • you are "problem-solving" oriented and technical challenges motivate you
  • you are ready to grow a team from 5 to 15 in 18 months
  • you have strong interpersonal and communication skills

What we offer ❤️

  • an amazing working environment, designed for kindness and blossoming
  • an attractive remuneration package
  • an international and dynamic team in Paris, Berlin, Barcelona and London
  • remote friendly policy
  • a gym inside the office and Gymlib subscription with preferential rate
  • regular team and global events
  • restaurant tickets
  • 4 weeks of paternity leave and 20 weeks of maternity leave (both fully covered)
  • Alan insurance (60% covered by PayFit),
  • great coffee, fruits, snacks, foosball, MPG Teams or even team yoga classes,
  • MacBooks are our standard, but we'll provide whatever equipment you need to help you get your job done!

Recruitment Process

Hiring process ⚙️

1️⃣ Phone interview
30 min intro call with Jean-Marc (VP Marketing) or Head of Hiring

2️⃣ First on-site
60 min interview with Jean-Marc (VP Marketing) - Deep dive on vision & skillset

-- Case study preparation --

3️⃣ Second on-site
30 min interview (+ case study debrief) with Nicolas (Lead Growth Engineer)
30 min interview (+ case study debrief) with Clément (Senior Performance Marketing Manager)
30 min interview (+ case study debrief) with Margaux (Director, Brand & Communications)
30 min interview (+ case study debrief) with Chloé (Marketing Manager 🇬🇧)

4️⃣ Last on-site (on a Wednesday)
30 min interview with Michal (Country Manager 🇩🇪)
30 min interview with Clémentine and/or Olivia (Product Marketing Manager)
30 min interview with Lucia (International Coordination)
30 min interview with Hesham (Performance Marketing Manager)
30 min interview with Firmin (CEO)
“BBQ test” to share a drink with the entire PayFit team (no sausage, no test 🙈)

Want to know more about our epic team? 👀

We are looking for passionate and innovative people who want to build the next big success story with us.

Do you describe yourself with these words? Do you want to join an incredible adventure?

Tell us who you are, what you have done and what you want to do!

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Full-Time
  • Start Date: 27 October 2019
  • Location: Paris, France (75017)
  • Experience: > 5 years
  • Punctual