Qui sommes-nous ?

PayFit simplifies payroll management and HR processes for SMBs. We have built a fast, intuitive and automated SaaS solution to help business owners and HR professionals save time and money. Thus allowing them to refocus on what really matters: employees. Through PayFit, employees have a dedicated access to their payslips and are able to manage efficiently their leave and expense requests. To build such a solution, we have created our own programming language: JetLang, enabling us to automate Labour Code and collective agreements - and keep on adding new features.

We have set ourselves a mission to support the digital transformation of HR management through our ever-growing range of product features and services. Since 2015, we have built a strong presence in France and have been quickly growing in Germany, Spain and the UK. More than 3000 companies - Big Mamma, MinuteBuzz or Sellsy, to name a few - already trust us, and over 300 PayFiters have joined this exciting adventure. We are also backed by several investors who have helped us raise 95M€ to sustain our growth.

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